Mondiali Rotariani di Ciclismo

Location 2023
Monza - Italy

The Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, the star of Monza sports, was built in the Monza Park in 1922 at the behest of the Automobile Club di Milano to mark the association’s 25th anniversary. It was built in just 110 days based on a design by the architect Alfredo Rosselli, and the second Italian Grand Prix was held already in September 1922.

Since then, the track, one of the oldest in the world, has become a legend in motor sports, hosting the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix every year, except during the wars, as well as dozens of other international events. Its location within the park creates a unique backdrop, captivating visitors with the surrounding nature. It also hosts exhibitions, music events, and guided tours, with trips around the track to introduce visitors to each and every aspect of the Autodromo.

45°37’06” N 9° 16’54” E

7 to the right - 4 to the left


min. 10 m – max. 12 m

5.793 m

City of Monza

Monza is a city of different aspects that reflect its history. Known of course for the Formula 1 Monza Grand Prix, Monza offers a true cross section of history and culture relating to different eras:

  • The Lombard tradition tied to Queen Theodelinda, with the Duomo and its Treasury; il Duomo e il suo Tesoro
  • The splendour of the Hapsburgs, Napoleon, and the Savoys, with the Royal Villa. Reggia di Monza

Monza welcomes us to a historical centre with a simple, cosy atmosphere, with the modern and efficient town situated around it. History and nature interact, presenting a city to discover in all its facets.

Monza is also tied to the famous literary work by Alessandro Manzoni, ‘The Betrothed’, which speaks of Monza through the Nun of Monza, that is, Marianna de Leyva. The city of Monza owes its name and origins to Queen Theodelinda. Legend says that while the queen was resting near the Lambro River, a dove appeared to her in a dream and said ‘modo’ (‘here’ in medieval Latin); she answered ‘etiam’ (‘of course’). The combination of these two words yields the toponym Modoetia, the ancient name of Monza.

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Civic Museums
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